• Image of Oopsie Poopsie Pants

Oopsie Poopsie! :)

Protect your rompers, wraps and pants sets from that little oopsie poopsies!

The Oopsie Poopsie allows you to photograph baby without a bulky nappy but at the same time protect your expensive knitwear from being soiled. The nude colour is not obvious and it can be folded down if you are using just a pants set on boys or a lacy or open backed romper with girls.

We suggest you use the Oopsie Poopsie with 100% organic panty liners (found in organic shops and on Amazon) or washable liners that are used with reusable cloth nappies. Some panty liners contain chemicals that may be harmful to sensitive baby skin so be sure to shop for an organic brand.

Please note that the Oopsie Poopsie is designed to catch those number 2's and will not entirely absorb a big wee. If this happens we recommend that you soak your knitwear in cool water using a gentle detergent (we recommend Eucalan) and dry them flat - do not tumble dry!